Would you believe it’s Groundhog Day today? And Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, so we’re getting six more weeks of winter. Looking out the window, I can well believe it… the snow doesn’t seem as bad as the blizzards that trapped Bill Murray but it still seems to be having the same effect.

The capital shutdown has been covered over at Londonist so I won’t do much arghing here, apart from a little bit of Hardy Northern Griping about how it were worse’n this when I were a lass, aye, an’ we managed. El Mog has been very confused; normally after breakfast he retires to the living room and settles down for the next seven hours. This morning he was sat on the bedroom windowsill looking into the back garden, mrawing softly in horror. (Though at the moment he seems to be taking the view that if he can’t see it, it isn’t there. He’s on the sofa, head determindly facing the cushions.)

I, however, bravely ventured out. On foot, of course, that being the only method of transport available round here… and grinning like a kid. What perfect snow! Powdery and perfect for packing, it makes wonderful snowballs and snowmen, and is great for walking underfoot. Some people have cleared the paths in front of their houses; I fear they’ve only created a nice space for ice to form later.

Manor Park Gardens was packed with people (grown-ups, not just families) making snowpeople and having snowball fights. And this wonderful snowman, standing on the corner of one of the main roads up to Hither Green station. Built by the people ‘at number 58’ at 2.30 this morning, he’s got real cherries for eyes and buttons, a banana nose and fake lemons hanging from his branch arms. I love the way he’s been built with such attention to detail, and the people who made him must have had a riot, out in the street in the blizzardy morning! His label is also a stroke of genius. I absolutely love him.

I also absolutely love The Little Page of Transport Chaos, which someone at Londonist tipped us off to this morning. Brilliant idea, and making a bloody good point at the same time.

We Brits have such a reputation for whinging, but today has been a day when pedestrians have smiled and nodded and said hello as we pass, and our inner child has been unleashed. Tomorrow’s looking like more of the same so if you stayed in today – get out and make snowballs!


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