Little courtesies

After having a good whinge about stupid companies making applicants jump through a squillion hoops, today my flagging faith was restored by a simple courtesy. I sent my CV to an online publishing house last night for a specific job they had going (ahhh, yes, sending in one's CV), and this morning somebody replied saying they were very sorry, but I appeared to be too expensive for them. If I didn't hear anything within the next couple of weeks then I'd definitely been unsuccessful.

I was touched. Most companies blanket ignore any applicant who doesn't fit the bill. But this woman decided to let me know there was a reason behind being ignored. Maybe there was nobody else in her office with all the continued travel chaos and she was bored, maybe she genuinely wanted me to know that they'd liked the CV but didn't have the budget (a much nicer form of rejection) or maybe she routinely does this for everyone. So I sent her an appreciative email back, and she replied again.

How absolutely lovely.


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