Told ya

Oh look. Job Centres are having to bring in private recruiters because the staff don't know how to handle the professional, middle class jobseekers that are walking through its doors at the moment. Like, duh. When the back-to-work system doesn't have certain jobs and professions programmed into it, are they surprised they're having problems? And unfortunately, these little oversights have big ramifications: not having a suitable code to 'classify' me would have meant that, had I gone through with the Jobseekers process and not found work within 6 (?) weeks, they would have told me to look at other jobs. Other jobs brought up by the computer, based on the code assigned to me. Which wasn't appropriate. They would have insisted I apply for jobs I didn't have the qualifications or experience to do, and would stop any benefits if I didn't do as they said.

Perhaps this system works better if it's normally dealing with unskilled labour (but I wonder how many former automotive workers, with 20 years' experience, are told to go work in a garment factory because, hey, it's all manufacturing?) or, perhaps, skills are more transferable when you're stuck on the minimum wage. Or, more likely, the vast majority of people who need to use the Job Centres don't have the middle class righteousness that demands to be treated as a person, not a cipher, the experience to know what happens at a Job Centre is farcical and the ability to articulate that dissatisfaction and frustration. As Justin @ Chicken Yoghurt points out, this is a whole new recession. The unemployed are getting a facelift. And hopefully, that might bring about change.


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