I love Jon Stewart

I do. I love him. I don't want babies but I would have Jon Stewart's babies. I love him because he cares (and he looks damn hot in a suit, but that's by the by. Almost).

You may have been aware of a 'spat' between The Daily Show and US business network CNBC. It got blown up by the media into an all-out war, because with the state of the world as it is, US TV news clearly has nothing better to do with its time. And the networks, being the networks, completely missed Stewart's point, which is that the networks are more interested in stupid gimmicks than actual reporting and investigation. Watch the original Daily Show segment (with ads, sorry):

Jim Cramer took things a bit personally, so The Daily Show went to town:

Then the rest of the media caught on:

And Jim Cramer finally came onto The Daily Show to answer criticisms of CNBC. And didn't do very well. Jon Stewart gave an impassioned cri de coeur for decent reporting, almost the exact same thing he did several years ago with general political reporting on Crossfire. The man cares about journalism and news and truth. He's not pretending that The Daily Show is anything other than a comedy show, but it says a lot about the state of US (and, by extension, Western) news reporting when it takes a comedy show to expose the coasting that goes on. He points out that these networks set themselves up as the guardians of unbiased, in-depth journalism when in reality so much of it is glib and featherlight. He (like us) is not a financial or political expert, he (like us) doesn't have access to the main players, he (like us) isn't paid to tell the world what's really going on. And he feels let down and angry when they fail us. Watch the interview with Jim Cramer, in these here three parts, and tell me you don't share his anger:


One response to “I love Jon Stewart

  1. ZoZo March 14, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Ahh, I love Jon Stewart too! I missed all this stuff this week, so I’m so pleased you posted it all up here. It’s nuts. So many journalists are just.so.lazy. Its very frustrating when they dare to broadcast simplistic, black-and-white, lowest-common-denominator stories and think that we’ll all lap it up, and its OK. Really, reporters have a very serious job to do: report the truth. If only we could go back to the era of Woodward and Bernstein(!) I guess now we’re in the era of Stewart and the Daily Show team. (Sometimes I wake up with the theme tune in my head, and can’t wait til the next episode…)

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