Ushered towards delays

Why do airlines even bother lying to
passengers any more? 'Do not use electronic equipment during takeoff
and landing as they may interfere with flight equipment.' Surely they
just mean, 'we want your full attention in case something goes
wrong'. Don't use mobile phones during the flight – is the Ryanair
“I'm on the plane” flight only for phones with flight safe mode,
whatever that is? So why not on all flights? (Apart from the fact
it's a hideous notion.) But my favourite is, 'please go into the
departure lounge, your flight is on time'.

I'm typing this (though not uploading, stupid Eee)
in the departure lounge, such as it is, in Murcia airport. My parents
and I arrived at the airport 55 minutes before scheduled departure
and ah – the inboundflight is an hour late. The outbound – my
flight – is showing as simply 'delayed'. I go to the easyJet check
in desk.

“How much is the flight delayed by,
“Oh, just 20 minutes. You need to be
through security in 30 minutes.”
“But… the inbound flight is an hour
delayed. How can this flight be only 20 minutes late?”
She looks momentarily busted, but
quickly regains composure. “No, no, only 20 minutes late.” And
that, apparently, is the end of it.

Of course, the flight will be over an
hour late, but they don't make this announcement until the alloted 20
minutes past the scheduled departure time when everyone's stuck in
the tiny departure hall. Seriously, why bother with the fiction?
Murcia San Javier is a tiny, teeny airport. It's the work of seconds
to look at the arrivals / departures boards and see which is the
corresponding inbound flight for you. We are not idiots, we can see
what's going on. And yet, airlines and airports continue to treat us
like sheep, herding us into confined spaces where we have no option
but to buy their overpriced chocolate and flaccid sandwiches if we're
hungry. Which is, I suppose, the point. It infuriates me.


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