Shahid Malik: a one million percent idiot

I really don't know if Shahid Malik – now former Justice Minster – is more deserving of my ire today than any of the other MPs that have been exposed as avaricious and arrogant, but he had the misfortune to be on BBC News while I was having my breakfast and severely pissing me and (£92k a year) presenter Carrie Grace off. In particular, his repeated assertions about having sought advice from the fees office over expenses:

The particular clip I want doesn't seem to be online, but he spent some time saying that when he was elected in 2005, all the new MPs had a little chat with the fees office and they given advice about what they should and shouldn't and could and couldn't claim for. This, he seems to believe, clears him from spending over two grand on a 40 inch plasma telly (the fees office, incidentally, don't recall him asking about limits according to the Telegraph).

But let's suppose he had asked about maximum limits, and he did receive bad advice. Is it acceptable that an elected representative didn't bother to exercise his own judgement and just went happily along with what he was being told?

Ah, so that's how we ended up in Iraq.


2 responses to “Shahid Malik: a one million percent idiot

  1. Pommy May 25, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    This second home business that’s just a bloody fiddle. He buys the flat in London as his main and only residence but designates it as his second home just to screw the taxpayer by claiming almost as much again as he paid for it. The house in Dewsbury, when is he ever there? Pays 100 quid a week clearly discounted as he has to fork out for it himself. There another crook called Rana Ijaz Ahmed Khan advocate corrupt from Lahore who has similarly been fiddling the Brits out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

  2. Rachel May 25, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Hmm, sorry Pommy/Sundo, I really had to delete the second comment there for reasons of rumour, libel and insult…

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