Bee good

I wishI knew how insects keep finding their way into my living room. It's most offputting. I mean, you know how I don't like insects of the yellow-and-black-stripey-and-stingy variety, right? When it's a wasp I just kill the bastard, but today I was at the computer when I heard a buzzing, looked down and there was a bumblebee flailing around in front of the fireplace, with the cat just moving in to have a good sniff. (Note to cat: don't sniff things that can sting you. We go to the vet enough as it is.)

A bumblebee? I can't kill a bumblebee! We're losing enough of them as it is. So I done being very brave and trapped it in a glass and took it outside. And I'm still shaking. (Sometimes great bravery requires great sacrifice.) But I've got to block up whatever vent is letting these things in – I can't be going through this all summer.


3 responses to “Bee good

  1. Tom May 19, 2009 at 11:09 am

    I’m sure Mog could deal with the bee – Ralph jumps, snatching them mid-air, and eats them. Sometimes they sting him, in which case he paws at his nose for a while afterwards – surprisingly this has never put him off.
    Hunter, on the other hand, once caught a bumble bee in his mouth. Evidently shocked at his own ability, he opened his jaws in an attempt to stick a paw in there (did I mention he’s not terribly bright?). Mouth opens, bee escapes and flies straight out of the window, Hunter spends the next half hour waiting for it to come back. I bet nobody at the hive believed that particular worker when he recounted his great escape from the giant, fluffy cave of dimness.

  2. Rachel May 19, 2009 at 11:15 am

    *chuckle* Mog is on a par with Hunter for brightness, I think!

  3. Flaneurbanite May 19, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    My cat hotly pursued a wasp once as a kitten and got stung on the nose. She was very upset for two days thereafter, but the slightly swollen nose healed quickly. She’s mortally scared of wasps and bees now! Wussy cat.

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