Vending update

Despite originally thinking I'd hop from one contract to another when I returned to work, the original place keeps bringing me back (this is fine by me). It also means I can continue my battle with the vending machines. The office chocolate machines are still farked; I've lost count of the number of times my choice has got stuck, or I've seen a previous, abandoned attempt teetering on the edge.

Today I made the necessary afternoon excursion to the box of delights for the first time in about six weeks (lovely, lovely summer break) to discover the price of each bar has shot up from 40p to 55-60p. What the hell? Isn't the nation hovering on the precipice of deflation? Aren't chocolate companies doing rather well out of our need for comfort during the recession? Apparently not. And then I realised, it's probably balls all to do with the national economic shafting. It's all those free chocolate bars.

I wanted a (60p; so much for subsidisation) Galaxy Caramel today. It pushed and it pushed but instead of delivering my gooey chocolate niceness, it – of course – stopped just before succumbing to gravity's pull. Money refunded. I opted for a (50p) Toffee Crisp. Sighing – but not too much, cos I'm partial to a Toffee Crisp – I slotted in the coin. Yet again the bloody thing didn't work. Money refunded. By that time I was fed up and I gave the machine a little shove… and down fell the Toffee Crisp. A brief shoulder nudge from the side and the Galaxy tumbled, too. Fucking score, mate.

But it does make me wonder about that price rise.


One response to “Vending update

  1. Dave September 8, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Careful. Don’t nudge those things too hard. I believe there are significant statistics for the number of people who get squished doing that sort of thing.

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