On the radio woah-oh-oh

I have finally capitulated. Both the radios in the flat (including my alarm clock) are now tuned to Radio 4. I can't quite remember what it was that made me finally switch this morning (clearly, it was so banal that even this momentous incident immediately faded from memory). Farewell, XFM. You were good for a while, but I've stuck with you over the last couple of years out of boredom rather than quality.

So now, for the first time in my life, I'm going to be living without a daily dose of music. I am now officially old (or betraying my youth. I suspect it's the same thing). It'll be interesting to see how this goes (and how quickly it forces me to buy a digital radio or two so I can finally get 6 Music), but the main problem I can forsee is: what the hell is going to happen to my daily earworm?

I always have something noodling round my head; this is normal, yes? And quite often it's the last song I hear before leaving the house, or it's something that followed a (relatively) logical path from the last song I heard before leaving the house. Or, the last song I heard before leaving the house was so abysmal that I forced myself to think of something else. These are my favourite earworms, because it means I get to override the shuffle function in my head and scroll through the menu instead. But now what? Today I found myself going over Conchords songs, because I'd been listening to them at the gym on Saturday. Saturday! Is this how long my earworms are going to last now? What if I end up with Lady Gaga's stupid 'Poker Face' in my head for three days because I just watched it on YouTube? Today's going to need to ramp it up if it's going to help me out on this one. Come on Humphries, jazz it up a little man.

(And sorry for anyone I gave an earworm to with the title of this post. But it's better than Lady Gaga, right?)


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