E.coli hackwatch

A prize* to the first person to spot a newspaper, or more likely a tabloid columnist, going from "it's a disgrace, the HPA letting these petting farms stay open putting our children at risk" to "it's a disgrace, the government nannying our kids by saying under 5s shouldn't toucn the animals at petting zoos". I'm afraid the winner of 'be the first to say "it's 'elf and safety gorn mad"' is Katie from Devon, who may be appearing on SpEak You're Branes any day now.

* Not an actual prize. You'll get my respect. Maybe


One response to “E.coli hackwatch

  1. Jane Henry September 22, 2009 at 11:32 am

    Hilariously The DT claimed yesterday that Godstone Farm where all the trouble started is in Epsom. It isn’t. It’s sister farm, Horton Farm is (where I have taken my children many times to no ill effect.) It’s not the farms that are the problems it’s the sheer volume of people who travel through them. So many of whom don’t have a clue about basic hygiene. Once saw people picnicking in a hay barn next to sheep who’d just given birth. Yuk… When people do that you wonder it hasn’t happened before.

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