Have you seen a watch like this?

DSC03781 I need a new watch. I've needed a new watch for about four years, but I love my old one so much I've been putting off going out and getting one. This watch, tarnished, cracked and on its third strap and however manyth battery, came into my life for my 17th birthday (from the Gadget Shop, about £15 if I remember rightly), and I absolutely love its sleek chunkiness. You heard me. Sleek and chunky. It even manages to combine two utterly divergent states of being, how could it not be the best thing I've ever had around my wrist? But it really is falling apart and it needs to make way for a younger, sexier rival.

The problem is: I want to replace it with something very similar. Silvery face, not necessarily round, leather strap, clearly visible hands. And I don't have the first clue where to start. The Gadget Shop circa 1997 is long gone and it looks like the major watch makers don't really do 'interesting' silver watches without also doing a metal strap. Any suggestions? I really, really need some suggestions. Please. Before my wrist develops some kind of gangrene.


One response to “Have you seen a watch like this?

  1. Nick October 20, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Have you looked here? http://www.watchshopuk.com/
    Massive online shop, though about 95% of the stuff looks the same (a curse of many a watch). Some funky stuff though. You might find what you want in that 5%.

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