On the other hand

It's not entirely doom and gloom at chez Bagelmouse. Not only is my current TV boyfriend Chris Addison on a repeat of Have I Got News For You right now (ah Chris; only a few more days before I shamelessly ditch you for someone even thinner and definitely more Scottish), but today I booked a flight to Tokyo.

Have I mentioned my big plan for next Spring? I can't be arsed to check, so let's assume I haven't. My plan for next Spring is to head off to Japan for the cherry blossom season then, seeing as I'm halfway there already, 'nip' across to Sydney and visit a friend who recently emigrated. I've got my guidebooks and a 'Learn a little bit of Japanese you cretin, nowhere near enough to get by but enough to assuage your conscience that you've "tried"' CD, and had assumed I'd book my flights in the January sales because there's no way I can afford full price tickets (a 'normal' ticket to Tokyo on Virgin is £900. Nine-bastarding-hundred quid) but today, I spotted a flight on Austrian Airlines, with a quick stopover in Vienna, for £360. So I bought it.

I'm going to Japan. And Australia. And possibly Hong Kong, but we'll have to see about that. Blimey. I mean, I've only been dreaming about this for the last five or six years, and it suddenly seems very real.

Japan, baby! Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara! Temples! Blossom! Gyoza! Wholesale aquatic mammal slaughter! (Shhhh.) No street names! Mental crowds! Neon! Hello Kitty! Slippers! Doriyaki!

This slow, lopsided grin keeps creeping across my face. I may take my Lonely Planets to Lewisham A&E at the weekend, remind me that life balances out in the end.



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