I love this man

Recently, I may have given the impression of being all-consumed by my intense relationship with my TV boyfriend, Chris Addison. But I was a fool. I was swept along on a tide of adoration for his curly hair and penchant for playing with pens (seriously. Next episode of The Thick of It, watch him if he's in the vicinity of a pen. Can't help twiddling). So blinded was I that I forgot my one, true, TV love. I've been taking him for granted but he never leaves my side, he never lets me down.

I speak, of course, about Jon Stewart.

I wanted to share my renewed love with you last week after My Darling Jon did a Glenn Beck impersonation and take-down that was pitch perfect, but Comedy Central have taken the rather strange decision to stop people in the UK viewing clips from their shows, never mind embedding them. They're also engaged in a battle to get them off YouTube as well. (Chris Addison also noticed this; albeit a week after me. OK, Chris, you can be my TV bit-on-the-side, but you have to understand my heart is spoken for.)

But someone has found a way round the censorship and put online – no, not the Glenn Beck thing, though if anyone stumbles across that you have to let me know – but a retort to Sean Hannity's begrudging, twattish, apology to the Daily Show spotting them broadcasting fake news. I can't embed it, but you should go watch it. Go on, watch my TV boyfriend. Actually, given the strength and longevity of this commitment, he's probably my TV husband by now. Which makes my TV cheating even more abominable. I hope he can find it in his beautiful, liberal heart to forgive me.


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