Start as you mean to go on

Hello 2010! Here’s a post about cats.

Not my cat, for once, and it’s actually more of a local thing – so if you don’t live in the Co-op area of Hither Green*, you might want to go and do something less boring instead. (When I say local, I mean local.)

For anyone still reading… can we band together and possibly identify this cat?

Actually, I’m hoping we can identify an owner for this cat – presumably the collar and little red bell attached means it does have one – because for the last few days whenever I’ve opened my back door, more often than not it’s been there.

Trying to get in.

Trying to get in with all its catty cunning.

Which is slightly annoying when the cat tenancy is currently filled.

And even more annoying when the cat tenancy is currently filled by a cat who’s incapable of defending its own territory, leaving its landlady to protect her own kitchen by standing in the middle of the garden shooing off any intruders. And when I say “shoo off”, I actually mean “move it down a few feet at a time, listening to its pitiful mews whilst trying to explain to said intruder that it doesn’t live here, then watching it race back past me only marginally slower than the fleeing of El Mog, yelling at it to not dare go in the house”. Ah, at two hours to midnight on New Year’s Eve I must have looked awesome.

It looks quite young so I’m guessing it’s just new to the area and trying to suss out where it can con extra biscuits out of the neighbours. But it’d be nice to have this confirmed before I walk into the living room one day and find it curled up by the radiator.

* Obviously not too keen on giving out my actual street on t’interwebs, so let’s just say I live in the area behind the Co-op to the east of Hither Green Lane.


2 responses to “Start as you mean to go on

  1. January 31, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    I don’t actually know anything about the cat, but I wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog while searching for Hither Green on Google, and this entry caught my eye.
    I was doing the Google search to check out my new neighborhood–my wife and I are moving to pretty much your exact area(in the vicinity of Beacon Road) in about a week, and we’re both cat people ourselves.
    We were wondering if you know of a nearby vet you’d recommend and a pet supply store where we can get reasonably high-quality food and litter.
    (Also, it was great for us to run across a fellow geek as an incipient neighbor–I’m a PhD student, and my wife is a graphic artist and former webcomic artist.)

  2. Rachel February 1, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Huzzah for Hither Green! I can thoroughly recommend the Lewisham Vet Practice on Lee High Road, used by most people around here. The (improbably named* and rather handsome) vet has done wonders with my cat’s diabetes and other various problems.
    There’s also a pretty good pet shop, which I forget the name of, on Lewisham High Street – not the main drag, but further down, on the corner of Ladywell Road opposite the leisure centre. It’s where I get a lot of stuff from, and they do free delivery (on Wednesdays) if you order more than a tenner’s worth of stuff. Apparently there’s also a Pets at Home store near the Dome.
    Good luck!
    * Line courtesy of Tom

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