Nobody really knows anything, and a gag

In all my years of working in the interwebs, I can honestly say I still have no idea which items will attract the most attention. Well, not in all cases (some are pretty obvious), but look at today. I bashed out a, let's be honest, fairly mediocre piece about icy pavements leading to an increase in people taking a tumble and injuring themselves. And look! Six comments since lunchtime. A brace of which I feel compelled to reproduce here, because they form one of the best set-up and punchline duos I've ever seen.

mralistair said: "the advice I heard was
never to walk with your hands in your pockets, that way you can ease
your fall, but if they get stuck in there you have no chance. I saw someone wandering around on slippy ice with a baby strapped to
their front and both hands deep in their jacket.. It didn't look all
that sensible."

lee jackson replied, a few minutes later: "Yeah, you really need one on the front and back, if you're going to properly cushion your fall."


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