Asbestos tongue

As someone who doesn't really like hot drinks (yes, I'm English and I don't drink tea. I'll give you a moment to pick yourself up off the floor… you OK now? Good) I'm never sure whether everybody experiences a very small window of perfect temperature, between the points of gum-scaldingly hot and hideously tepid, during which the whole thing has to be gulped down, or whether you've all had the chance to develop resistance through years of desensitisation. I was reminded of this again, wincingly sipping an otherwise beautiful cup of (believe it or not) machine hot chocolate.

Yes, these are the thoughts that occupy me during the day. I am full of hidden depths.


One response to “Asbestos tongue

  1. MerryGlennie February 1, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    It’s very difficult to be a tea non-drinker in the UK – and even more difficult to not particularly like other hot drinks too. People seem to think that if they introduce you to enough types of tea or coffee you’ll eventually like one of them, and it’s very time-consuming to try to explain that it’s not only the flavour, it’s the concept of a drink that can give you third-degree burns before you’re able spit it out. It’s time for us to demand equality at business meeting tea-breaks, and bring an end to tea-ism! In a very polite and stiff upper lip kind of way, of course.

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