Victory is mine!

I am not just middle class these days but also, it seems, middle aged as well. You know that annoying Cow and Gate follow-on milk advert, where the mother brings in an enormous sippy cup of cow's milk saying 'ooo, look how much cow's milk you'd have to give your baby to make sure he gets enough iron!'? Even though cow's milk barely contains any iron and therefore is not comparing like with like and the advert didn't offer any other suggestions for foods that may be reasonable alternatives to follow-on milk for iron and many other execrable things about the advert that I wrote down a couple of months ago when I complained bitterly to the ASA. Yes, I complained about an advert. It's a definite staging-post moment in life.

Anyway, a number of other people clearly complained too (which made me feel less of a twat) because I got a series of pleasant letters from the ASA explaining they were looking into it, and how cases that involve scientific advice such as these take time… (ooo, look at me, I'm like Ben Goldacre). But watching TV earlier, they seem to have reached a conclusion because the ad is back – covered in so many caveats it's actually funny (I particularly love the one that flashes up when the VO is talking about cow's milk: "Cow's milk is not a good source of iron"). In fact, up to the final product shot, there is not a moment of screen time that doesn't have white writing taking up the bottom third of the screen. Cow and Gate, it might have been easier just to come up with a new ad concept. Because this one has been shredded.


One response to “Victory is mine!

  1. MerryGlennie February 9, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    I hate that ad too, for exactly the same reasons, but I’m ashamed to admit it didn’t even occur to me to complain about it. I’ll now be specifically watching for it, so I can snigger at how they’re having to tell everyone what an utterly stupid ad it is. Does it make me a very sad person if that makes my day?

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