I got very worked up yesterday over a stupid Guardian lifestyle article flogging stupid overpriced middle class pancake 'equipment'; pancakes were the first thing I learned to cook as a child and I deeply object to anyone trying to overcomplicate and poncify the process. Though the stupid maple syrup dripper did lead to some excellent money making ideas. So this lunchtime (the joys of working from home), I made the batter in my cheap Pyrex bowl and cooked it using my Morrisons £3 frying pan. And what do you know? The middle class hobgoblins didn't come to get me.

INNER VOICE: *cough*
Bagelmouse: What?
INNER VOICE: That's possibly because the middle class hobgoblins aren't watching you.
Bagelmouse: Meaning?
INNER VOICE: Oh darling, you're not properly middle class are you? You don't feature on the hobgoblins' list.
Bagelmouse: I… humph.
INNER VOICE: There, there.
Bagelmouse: But I had brie on the first pancake.
INNER VOICE: And you had golden syrup on the second.
Bagelmouse: OH, FUCK OFF.


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