Various thoughts

Watching whatever Newsnight Review is now called last night, debating raunch culture and feminism (note: Natasha Walter is about four years behind the curve), I was interested / appalled to notice that Toby Young only had one thing to say (variously phrased) to Zoe Margolis, otherwise known as Girl with a One Track Mind; how could she possibly be sitting there, arguing that the increasing sexualisation of society was a bad thing, when she's such a slaaaaaag?

(It's a good thing for my television I have lousy aim.)

There is a new Taylor Wimpey housing development at the point where Lewisham High Street meets Courthill Road. But where other blocks are called things like 'Silkworks' or 'Prime', this one has been dubbed 'Axis'. Presumably one has to be of German, Italian or Japanese stock to live there.

Also, I cannot believe how long it's taken me to bring to the attention of any fans of St Custard's out there, the fact that the street bypassing Lewisham's main shopping precinct is called Molesworth Street.


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