My new favourite game

It’s not just Japan I’m breezing off to in four weeks, I’m also heading to Sydney to visit my friend Helen. And flicking through the guidebook the other day, I found a new game to play.

South East London Sydney Bingo.

A lot of Sydney’s suburbs are, it turns out, named after places in South East London. There’s a Sydenham, a Dulwich Hill, a Croydon and, be still my beating heart, a Lewisham. There’s even Greenwich and Woolwich next to each other on the ferry out to Parramatta. I am clearly, because it’s the kind of thing that appeals to me, going to spend a day going round all these places taking photos for no other reason than it might make a cool set on Flickr. I may even visit Stanmore and consider it the bonus ball, in a mixed gaming metaphor of which I’m secretly quite proud.

For the icing on the rather splendid, chocolatey cake that is my South East London Sydney Bingo game, I shall be visiting Blackheath. I have to go up into the Blue Mountains to do so (I was going anyway, you know me and mountains) but it’ll totally be worth it. And you know what? There’s a cherry on the icing of that thar cake. Because the place I’m staying has the world’s longest Chesterfield sofa – all eight metres of it. (I am quite intrigued how such records stand, though. Surely it wouldn’t be that much trouble to make an 8m 10cm Chesterfield sofa if you really wanted a world record. Perhaps there’s some kind of gentleman’s agreement going on? ‘Sorry madam, the world’s longest Chesterfield has been taken; would you care to build the world’s widest ottoman, or the deepest-filled pouffe?’)

I’m really, really excited about this.


2 responses to “My new favourite game

  1. Max February 23, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    On Thursday 19th November 2009 a public meeting against a large development at the Town Centre took place in both Lewishams.

  2. Rachel February 24, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Good grief – a 14 storey development? I took a look at Lewisham, Oz in Streetview and there’s absolutely nothing there (first North Londoner to say ‘no difference there’ gets a slap). Poor Lewisham, Oz.

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