On the 21:55 from Waterloo East

A young woman is talking on her mobile. I'll not say 'loudly', but a part of me does wonder why I'm bothering to relate this story since you probably heard it with perfect clarity wherever you were last night.

"Yeah but… but listen, right, listen… listen… listen… listen… I'm only telling you this cos, listen… you know you say I'm bad? No, listen… you're so much worse. Yeah you are, you are so much worse." [beat] "So where are you, how're you doing?"

Later in the same conversation

"You know that, you know The Wire? Is that new stuff or is it stuff that's been on before? Yeah… The Wire. It's got that, that Robson bloke in it… that Robson bloke… Robson Green."

Yes, yes, I know she was probably talking about Wire in the Blood, but the mental images were too good not to share.


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