Sourcing music

Since abandoning Xfm for Radio 4 (in the absence of a digital radio in my flat, and therefore 6Music, something I'm kind of regretting now), I'm getting my music recommendations from other people's blogs. I recently went on a bit of a CD-buying spree (yes, I buy my music on CD and then import it to iTunes. I like having the artwork. What?) thanks to Delrico and Me and My Big Mouth, and now it turns out these guys are pretty good:

The cat's less impressed but he has terrible taste.

By the way, it does irritate me slightly that all these blogs are run by boys. I suppose it was ever thus but still, you know. To try and make up for this I will make an anti-recommendation. I got the most recent publicity email from Aqualung today (if you don't know my history with this band and all its antecedents, there simply isn't space to go into it right now) announcing the brand spanking new single, Fingertip. You could listen to it on myspace, but can I save you some time and say don't bother? It's not terribly good. If you do find yourself on Aqualung's myspace for any reason, of the tracks they've got on there you could do worse than Something to Believe In.


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