How I Met Your Mother

For a PVR owner I sure am bitching about a lot of adverts lately. So I want to point out – nay, direct you to the truth – that Neil Patrick Harris, not Glee, is the best thing on TV right now.

Yeah. Dougie Howser. Who knew? But I’m right. Whoever it was on the writing team that came up with the idea of taking the terrible, pigheaded Barney and giving him depth and a hopelessly unrequited love story is a genius. (I like unrequited love stories. I find the familiarity warm and comforting.) You’ve missed ‘Benefits’, the episode where Ted and Robin start sleeping together again to stop them fighting while they’re flatmates, but when E4 does one of its periodic Saturday night catch-ups I recommend – nay, I command – you to watch it. Or set your PVR so you can avoid the adverts. You don’t want to put a shoe through the screen on sighting the Credit Expert and miss the final scene; a scene where, if your heart doesn’t break, you have no soul and I don’t like you.

Plus, HIMYM is one of the few American shows I’ve seen where heavy boozing isn’t an automatic lead-in to a hangover / terrible decision / alcoholism.

Plus, NPH did this at the Oscars.

Which is basically what he did at the Emmys

but that doesn’t diminish NPH, it’s just another reason why the Oscars are getting more and more derivative each year (probably the wrong year to say this, what with The Hurt Locker doing so well, but when I made my living from reviewing that stuff – and so had actually seen all the films in contention – I went through awards season getting increasingly stabby in the knowledge that it was the DGA and SAG who generally got it right, but the Oscars who got the publicity).


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