B&H remind me of not giving up but giving in

In honour of School for Gifted Children last week (why don't more of you go to these gigs? They're simply brilliant) and Darren Hayman being spine-tingling wonderful, here's one of my all-time favourite songs. Which considering I can't abide smoking, is fairly ironic.

But then thinking it's only about cigarettes misses the point. Rather.

(If I accidentally go under a 181 tomorrow, instead of having the crematorium-in-house-vicar talking about his imaginary-sky-friend, just get my iPod, stick it on Genius and start with this. To prove the point, the second track it comes up with is Pull the Wires From the Wall. What do you mean, 'did I go to university in the late 90s?')

SfGC was part of the excellent London Word Festival – which you should also try to snap up some of the few remaining tickets for – and I went to its launch party (yeah, get me). I was therefore a bit annoyed to see the attendees described as a "right-on Shoreditch crowd" in the Guardian. What? Clearly we'd left before said journo got there. Or perhaps anything held in Shoreditch is bound to attract a certain type of lazy cliché, again ironic when you consider the raison d'être of the Festival itself.


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