Hello. I am not here.

I am, all things being equal, in Foreign. Which bit of Foreign depends on when you're reading this – it might be Japan, or it might be Australia, or it might be some indeterminate bit of airspace. Anyway, the gist is: I am not here.*

If you want to see where I am you should keep tabs on my Flickr account. This is where I'll be posting photos, annotated with stories of varying levels of interestingness. I will try and keep the number of pictures of cherry blossom trees to less than 10 a day. Anything that isn't suitable for Flickr (which is where my parents will be looking, so anything with swearing or tales of me getting hideously lost / mugged) will still appear here. Also, I would hope I would have some thoughts not related to travelling over the next four weeks so the blog doesn't become one big splurge of "LOOK AT THESE PLACES WOT I AM IN!" which will become very tiresome very quickly.

So, hello. I'm glad you dropped by and I'm sorry to have missed you. Leave a message after the beep.**

* Burglars: my parents are here though. Don't break in.

** Note for anyone who does have my actual phone number – don't bother trying to call it, it'll barely be switched on.


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