Minor addendum from the Guardian:

"Ministers said everything was being done to try to help the thousands of Britons stranded abroad by the closure of UK airspace."

Really? What, exactly? Because I've heard nothing, and neither have Helen's parents – who have chosen to stay in Sydney rather than get stuck in Kuala Lumpur (where, apparently, there are no available hotel rooms in a 70km radius from the airport). I see these stories about using the Navy, but I have no idea how they plan to co-ordinate rescues for stranded Britons. Which, being one of those stranded Britons, should perhaps concern me. Maybe I ought to be calling the local consulate or something. Though this may involve being in the same country for more than, like, a day…

(Despite all this talk of stranded travellers, I myself haven't actually seen anyone sitting despondently at an airport. Not quite sure where everybody is - we surely can't all afford to pay to stay on, or dump ourselves on our friends.)


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