Erection (I’m about 4 weeks too late to be making jokes about Japanese pronounciation, aren’t I?)

I've been back for less than a day (yes! I'm back! I know, it felt like I'd be whining about volcanos for the rest of my life) and trying to get to grips with this election malarky. Though the Independent didn't help by calling Morley and Outwood – my childhood constituency (and BNP bastion) or what it's turned into after boundary tinkering – as 'marginal'. Marginal? That's Yorkshire, deep into Labour territory – Morley and Rothwell had a majority of over 12,000. I know Labour's parachuting Ed Balls in and the locals won't be happy about that, but I'm still gawping at how that's possibly considered a marginal, while Lewisham Deptford, my current home, is thought of as a totally safe seat with a majority of slightly less.

Should this give me hope for Lewisham Deptford? A couple of days ago I posted an article to Londonist about how this is the Greens' third target for the entire country because of a massive shift in local opinion and politics. Every politician always says they "can win here!" (cue graphs and arrows), but when the national party says it… well, you don't know. I don't think it's as stupid an idea as it initially sounds and from a purely historical point of view, I'd love it if we were one of the first places to return a Green MP. Not that I generally consider myself a Green – in fact, I've considered myself Lib Dem since a point at university when I actually sat down and read some election leaflets, did a bit more digging and surprised myself at discovering I had less in common with Labour than I'd always assumed (bloody Northern upbringing) – but according to Vote Match and Who Should You Vote For, who have always previously correctly pegged me as Lib Dem, I've suddenly become Green.

It's something to think about.

(It would also be rather typical of me if, just as the Lib Dems step properly onto the national stage, I stop voting for them. Yeah. I'm too lefty for your populism.)

(However, council candidates who read this can relax: I'm definitely voting Lib Dem on a local level.)


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