Volcano update #374

I am grizzling. Various reasons, I'm only going to bore you with one. The ash cloud is continuing to mess with my life, this time because I absolutely have to be in Valencia on 27th June – because it is the Grand Prix. And the tickets have to picked up in person. And only I can do it. So even my parents, who live in the same country, couldn't go if I get stuck. Cue much faffing about with and swearing at the Rail Europe site (which is absolutely convinced there are no trains from Madrid to Murcia on a Saturday, yet reckons the train from Madrid to Cartagena is dandy – it's the same fricking train, and yes it does stop – and takes pleasure inventing other trains that don't actually exist according to the national train websites of the countries involved). £460 later I am the possessor of train tickets for a journey that will take 24 hours there and 36 hours back, and rescheduled flights to visit my parents in September.

All on the off chance the ash cloud comes back.

I don't even get to see much of Madrid – I'll only be there three hours. (I have a whole day in Paris, a city I've been to countless times. It saves me £50. And I do like Paris.) Any suggestions on what to see late afternoon / early evening in the Spanish capital?


2 responses to “Volcano update #374

  1. Kate May 14, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Yeah, ok, I know you don’t do galleries, but go for my sake, huh?!

  2. Rachel May 14, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Frustratingly, I’m there on a Monday, when it’s closed.

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