While I'm on the subject of 'LOOK HOW MY CHILDHOOD SCARRED ME', I've been reading a lot of Alan Bennett recently. I copied down a few lines of dialogue from Enjoy because it made me want to weep with recognition*:

"It's sons that migrate; daughters, they're supposed to live round the corner."

"Our idea was that you'd look after us in our old age. We thought you'd be bobbing in and out like daughters do."

"You'd be a fool to leave Leeds. It's a tip-top shopping centre now they've secluded the traffic. A pedestrian's paradise. There's sone grand shops, people come from all over. I saw a very reasonable little costume in Lewis's. The new precinct's gorgeous. It's all climate controlled. It's a godsend in inclement weather. Tell her, Dad. It has the biggest Boots outside Manchester."

(For anyone who doesn't think Alan Bennett is 'true to life': my Aunt employed this same argument, virtually word for word, against me for five years.)

On a rather more topical note, I thought you might like this from Getting On:

– "I don't think they're human at all, half of them."
– "Who?"
– "The 1922 committee."
– "No. A good test is whether you can imagine them on the lavatory. I reckon they just go in there, stand behind the door for five minutes then come out again… just to convince you they're like everybody else."

* Not recognition of my own parents, mind


3 responses to “Enjoy

  1. Ant May 17, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    I saw Alan Bennett the other day, in a nice little square in Primrose Hill, sitting on a park bench in a brown trench coat, reading a paper and jotting things down in a notebook.
    Um, that’s it.

  2. Rachel May 18, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I have NEVER seen Alan Bennett. I am properly jealous.

  3. ant May 18, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I did contemplate asking him for an autograph for you, but I faffed and he left. If you want to stalk him I can tell you where it was, I’d be surprised if it isn’t a regular haunt.

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