It’s not just Cambridge

Following on from a Twitter conversation about Oxbridge entry with my friend Jonn yesterday, I remembered a story of similar state-school crapness from Nottingham. In the interests of fairness I shall relate it now…

One of the only things I remember from the History Open Day at Nottingham (apart from how pwetty the campus was; it was cherry blossom season) was the staff saying 'this is a ridiculously popular course. If you don't get the grades, don't bother trying to call us, you won't get in'. That went across the university – Nottingham's just one of those massively oversubscribed places. However, when I arrived I became friends with a girl who hadn't, in fact, got the grades, But she had, in fact, gone to one of the best schools in the country and her headmistress had placed a call to the admissions department and sorted out the little misunderstanding.

One of my friends from school applied to Nottingham to do law. She was offered a place. Unfortunately, come results day, she missed out on her German by one grade – possibly because the A Level German teacher had been out sick for 18 months and the class had been taught by a series of supplies. All a bit unfair. Our headmaster tried to place a call to explain the situation but I don't think he made it past the secretaries. Different course, different faculty, but still… *growl*


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