I need a husband

I do. And then I need to burst forth with children. This isn't a desperate plea, this is just what everything seems to be pointing to. You don't count if you're single. Politicians are only interested in the needs of "hard working families" and I was stunned to hear the terminology creep into Channel 4 News over the weekend – apparently the Chinese floods are thought to be affecting '[x many] families'. Eh? I can understand if the authorities don't have a reasonable grasp on the exact population of a given area, but surely a better word would be 'households'?

And now even Lewisham market is pointing out how inadequate I am for living alone. In time gone by, you used to be able to select your own groceries in the quantity you wanted them, pop them in a bag, have them weighed and pay for what you buy. A bit like in the supermarket, except for about a third of the price. But these days, most traders in Lewisham have moved to the 'shove a load of stuff in a bowl and charge a set round figure for it' approach. Now I can only buy 20 onions at a time, or 10 lemons, or 8 red peppers. OK, the price for 8 red peppers is the same as the 'special offer' for 3 (that's "free for a parnd", if you're asking) I can get from one of the few olde worlde stalls further down, but I'd rather do that than have my fridge bursting with rotten vegetables. The traders have clearly gone for the easiest option for them (no more of that pesking weighing and working out prices, and especially no more customers prodding the produce) but I do object to only being allowed to buy amounts suitable to feed a small army.

(Can anyone recommend any actual greengrocers that do it the old fashioned way? I know there are a few on Hither Green Lane but a) I've never been impressed with the quality and b) I was once really put off by one that smelt very strongly of poo.)


One response to “I need a husband

  1. Max July 22, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Catford is the new Lewisham.
    The Turkish shop (in front of Aldi) is where I buy tomatoes, fruits and a few otehre bits and pieces. What I can’t find there I normally find in the greengrocer at the entrance of the Catford Centre or the stalls.
    Going a bit further the Turkish shop on South Circular just past the Town Hall has the most impressive selection of fruit and veg.
    And by the way from Hither Green it’s a very pleasant walk through Mountsfield Park.

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