Move along, there’s nothing to see here

I should probably post a cat update – and it’s good news. I took him to the vet on Wednesday for his regular diabetes and kidney check-ups; they weighed him and, despite him looking thin to me, he’s not actually lost weight (this just proves I cannot judge how big he is. I didn’t notice for ages when he lost a third of his bodyweight from diabetes) and his white blood cell count – for the cancer – is pretty much normal. They can’t tell any more without doing scans or actually cutting him open, but the vet said:

“If he were my cat, I’d treat him like he was normal.”

Alright then.

I have no idea what’s happened, but it seems normality is restored. Repeat: we have normality. Everybody back to what you were doing, there’s nothing to see here.

(Normal blog service may be resumed shortly.)


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