Dear Me, you are now officially old

Pulp are reforming. Add this to Blur and I am now officially at the age when my old favourite bands have had time to split up, get over their differences and get back together. (Thankfully I never had much time for Take That.) Pulp are definitely playing Wireless but I think the crowd at Blur put me off mass outdoor gigs for life – plus I cannot justify spending £50 on a gig this week – so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for warm-up gigs next summer. I’ve only seen Pulp once, in a rain-drenched field in Leeds, and they were still magnificent. The thought of missing out on Jarvis doing this once more fills my stomach with creeping horror.

You know, if I could pull off the Yorkshire accent like Mr Cocker, I don’t think I’d have gone to such effort to suppress my own. (I can’t; I did, I do.)


One response to “Dear Me, you are now officially old

  1. Clare November 9, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    I saw Pulp in a field in Leeds too. Must have been either 1994 or, more likely, 1995. I can’t quite remember, which I guess makes me doubly old.

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