Bring on the dancing girls

Two main thoughts while having a Nik Kershaw YouTube marathon:

1) This may be one of the few (only?) feminist pop videos I’ve ever seen.

If that were made now, it’d be stuffed with lithe young things in hardly any clothes doing thrusting dance moves. I love that it’s got middle aged women doing genteel little steps. In many ways, the 80s were a simpler time.

2) With lyrics of general disillusionment with ordinary life and work, we may have found the prototype Jamie. Not that any of it meant much to me when I was six, but I worry the radio circa 1984 may have affected the poor lad’s impressionable subconscious.

Other thoughts: “hair” (obviously), and “he does have rather a lovely nose”. Also, that ‘Don Quixote‘ belongs to that category of words and phrases I misunderstood far too long throughout my childhood and, as such, still confuse me. I couldn’t equate the pronounciation in the song of Cervantes’s hero with what I read as Don Kwiksote. Add to this a book of my Mum’s about Henry VIII and his wives that for years, even after I’d learned about the Tudors, my brain insisted on reading as “Henry Vill”.


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