British TV explained to Americans

I just shared this on Facebook, but I like it so much I thought I’d stick it here as well. (I wouldn’t bother trying to friend me on Facebook. I’m basically not accepting friend requests from anyone that I don’t currently know, which I should probably tell to the woman who has tried to friend me four times but whose name I don’t recognise, though I vaguely think we might have been at school together. This is what happens when your profile pic is of your baby, people. I’m also trying to pluck up the courage to clear out all the old schoolpeople I agreed to friend years ago when I didn’t have this policy. I don’t know what’s holding me back. I haven’t spoken to these people in 17 years.)

ANYWAY. BBC America have put together a promo to explain Law and Order UK to Americans. I never watched Law and Order UK, but I reckon they got it spot on.

(Via The Poke and Alice)


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