Ed Reardon and my cat

Ed Reardon’s Week is back on Radio 4 in the slightly odd slot of Monday mornings, and this prompts another excuse to muse on the extraordinary* tale of how my cat got his name. I didn’t come up with the name ‘Elgar’, it was what the rehoming centre had written on his pen notes when I first met him in 2004.

I assumed it was the name his previous owner had given him because, let’s face it, it’s a ridiculous name for a cat. For various reasons I changed my mind about that theory and wondered if his arrival into the centre had coincided with Edward Elgar’s birthday (now Elgar Cat’s official birthday; that’s 2nd June if anyone wants to buy him some sardines). Then even later, I discovered Ed Reardon’s Week and his cat, Elgar. Ah. That was clearly the source.


I now discover that Ed Reardon’s Week didn’t start until January 2005. So I still have no idea How My Cat Got His Name (a tale worthy of Kipling, this one) but I’m now obsessed with notion that Christopher Douglas or Andrew Nickolds were for some reason browsing the North London Cats Protection website in early summer 2004, saw a description of this irascible old mogster (as we then considered him to be) and thought: bingo.

Amusingly (for me), Ed Reardon’s Week also contains a character called Felix, which was the name of my first cat. Also, if anyone has a recording of the last episode of the previous series, Elgar Writes, I suspect I would find it beyond hilarious.

In other news: Elgar is having his remaining thyroid gland out tomorrow.

* not extraordinary


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