Along with the Luggage Museum and bizarre wedding venue, one of the places I scuttled last year to avoid the Tokyo rain was the TEPCO museum in Shibuya. Enticed by Lonely Planet‘s description of the “R2D2-shaped silver dome” (which, whatever they say, is absolutely NOT visible from the Hachikō statue), it has some interesting hands on exhibits, including a rather cool massive globe that allows you to see light pollution around the world (and other things, I forget now). And there’s a nice glass lift up the side of the building.

They also had an entire floor devoted to their nuclear power generation. Now, the translations into English were a bit lacking, but I’m fairly sure they were trying to convince me they’d do better at handling a crisis than this… Mind you, shouldn’t the very existence of a brand museum in itself be enough to make you wary? (Hindsight, hindsight.)

(Incidentally, I don’t know if I’ve missed a new development this evening, but does anybody else feel the general fleeing from Tokyo is a bit much? I’ve read a lot of experts this last few days all saying that even if the containment at Fukushima is breached, the radioactive material still wouldn’t be enough to flood Tokyo with radiation. I dunno; if I were about to set off now, instead of a year ago, I don’t know if it’d be the threat of contamination that would make me cancel – I think it would be the threat of huge and continuing aftershocks. Anyone else have any thoughts?)

Tai-chi man and Kokkaimae Japanese garden


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