30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1 – your favourite song

I’m unemployed again and procrastinating (just you wait until I can tell you what I’m procrastinating over; oh, just you wait) so I thought I’d do the 30 Day Song Challenge. And keep it here on the blog so you can avoid it if you want, rather than annoying people on Twitter or Facebook.

And it starts with perhaps the hardest of them all. My favourite song? Er. I can maybe narrow it down to a top 10? I’m not even sure I could give you my favourite song per band. It all depends on the mood you’re in, doesn’t it, or the circumstances you’re playing it in. For instance, there are songs I always listen to on aeroplanes that I don’t listen to at home.


So I’ve scattered some of my favouritest songs into other categories. This is not cheating.

Aw, BBC Choice. Bless.

So yeah, Underwear by Pulp, which is definitely my favourite Pulp song. A great tune, big swelling chorus, lyrics that are smart and real, plus it’s genuinely creepy. And I cannot sing it. It starts too low and I think it’s in a key that I can’t quite hit. This probably means I’ve listened properly to this song more than any other of my favourites, particularly since I can never just listen to it once. I always, always, hit repeat.


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