So, I’ve done something a bit stupid

and volunteered to organise a literary festival for Lewisham in September.

How hard can it be?


Actually, so far it’s been OK – the people at the Hither Green Community Hall and Arts Society have been fabulous at offering logistical support, and all the local people I’ve spoken to so far have been enthusiastic and helpful and just generally brilliant. I’ve even got the first few authors agreed – no, I’m not telling you who they are yet.

The plan is to run it in the second week of September – actual dates TBC shortly – and mainly in Hither Green, primarily because that’s where I have access to venues with enough space on my exceptionally limited budget. So if you see me wandering the streets of SE13 in late August / early September muttering to myself and looking somewhat dishevelled, you know why.

Oh, and we’re on Twitter. At some point we’ll be on Facebook. There’ll be a bar. Ideas for events / authors can be left in the comments if you want.

What have I done?!


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