30 Day Song Challenge: Day 7 – a song that reminds you of a certain event

Two contenders here, both from around 1998/99, both connected with my old student radio station.

We were running a competition: four times a day, we’d play a particular song and do a giveaway. The main problem with this one being – which song? It couldn’t be something current, because then we might have DJs playing it in the ‘wrong’ shows at the ‘wrong’ times. And it had to be instantly recognisable to prompt people to ring. I suggested Blur’s There’s No Other Way for Coxon’s brilliant opening.

I didn’t think it was quite so brilliant after hearing it approximately 100 times, but I still think it’s a great song.

However, we’re actually going with Blondie’s Atomic. I have a friend called Paul who, by rights, should have been our generation’s John Peel. Our loss is an A Level Economics class in Peterborough’s gain, I suppose, but not everyone was always convinced of his ear. Paul was doing one of the DJ slots at Nottingham’s summer party when I bumped into another radio bod who, upon hearing this tune, immediately altered his view that Paul was a bit too schmindie for his own good. Such is the power of Blondie.


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