30 Day Song Challenge: Day 15 – a song that describes you

When I saw this one I immediately thought of Dylan Moran. To be fair, I immediately think of Dylan Moran quite a lot. But specifically, I immediately thought of his booze sketch, where he describes gin as a mascara thinner and that terrible moment when someone is pissed and declares that a song is all about them.

I don’t really hold with the notion that there may be a song that describes me. What three minute pop song could describe the wonder, the complexity, that is me? No, I think mainly I feel like it would be horribly self-aggrandising to say that there’s a song I think is all about me. So I’ll leave it to another gorgeous, shaggy haired, Celt to declare that these songs weren’t written for you and they’ll never be about you.

(I have the artwork from the American English single above my bed.)

(Also, if I can be excused a moment of being an absolute twat, I want to share the time I got backstage passes to Glastonbury through my then job. During one of the rare moments I sat in the green room instead of using backstage as a shortcut between the Pyramid and Other stages, sat there trying my hardest to be inconspicuous, I nearly exploded when John Peel and a massively stoned Roddy Woomble came and sat at the next table. I think I lasted three minutes before scuttling away, suppressing squeaky noises.)


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