30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30 – your favourite song at this time last year

This time last year I was fairly obsessed with Florence + The Machine after having listened to the album on heavy rotation in Japan and Australia. And a lot when I got home. And a lot since. Next time I go to the hairdresser I’m going ginger again because I need to kick some ass, and I kick so much more ass when I’m ginger. But I’m not saying Florence has had nothing to do with that decision. Or Pond.

So what have we learned from this mass spamming masquerading as meme? That I was a teenager during the 90s, that’s for sure; but this list doesn’t ask you what songs you objectively think are good, it asks you for songs you have an emotional response to – by its very nature, a lot of those are going to be from your teens / early 20s. What that says about me, I’ll leave others to judge. As no doubt some of you have already been doing this last month. (“PJ and Duncan? Damn right we’ve been judging you.”)


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