This has an effect on me

While I’m on a roll of pedantry

(Click to biggify.)

This bothers me. Surely what Amazon means is ‘my purchase could, in effect, cost me 83p instead of £10.83 if I took out an Amazon MasterCard’ (I’m not taking out an Amazon MasterCard). Surely the effectiveness of my buying 25 rewriteable DVDs and two crossword books will not be affected by my method of payment. It’s already pretty effective, what with my details being stored and all. If I wanted it to be more effective I should probably just enable One-Click.

I remember one of my A Level History teachers really going off on one about the difference between ‘effectively’ and ‘in effect’. I’m pretty sure I, and he, are still right about this, but I’ve just had a Google and some online dictionaries are conflating the two. Has language moved on and I’m just railing against the wind on this one?

This is what comes from only having been taught cursory grammar at school.


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