Two people ahead of me at Lewisham Delivery Office this morning

At the right hand window: a woman. There was a parcel that had had a delivery attempt, but no card was left. ‘How do you know it’s here?’ asked the way-too-hostile-for-no-fathomable-reason Royal Mail worker. She knew because she’d called the company that sent it and the parcel had been tracked to the Delivery Office. She’d also called the Delivery Office and confirmed. So the guy stomped off to find her parcel. He found it. He held it at the other side of the window. He checked the woman’s ID. But he would not give it to her because she didn’t have a card. Apparently you need the card for these kind of tracked parcels. You know, the card that the postman didn’t leave.

At the left hand window: a young man of about 25. The only form of appropriate ID he possessed was a chequebook, but that was in the letter he was attempting to pick up. Why? Because that letter was from the Home Office, presumably granting him some official status after spending 10 years in the UK as a refugee. Which is why he didn’t have any of the other forms of ID (no passport, no birth certificate). However, if he brought his father down to the Delivery Office, who has the same name and some ID, Royal Mail would release the letter to him.


2 responses to “Two people ahead of me at Lewisham Delivery Office this morning

  1. ioverlord June 24, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Ha, I once had the ‘missing’ card trouble at the ‘sham sorting office too. I had to speak to personin charge and try not to raise my voice (too much) to get them to give me the package – inlcuding me describing exactly what would be inthe package and offering to open in there and then if they liked. They handed it over to get me out the way.

  2. Mark January 18, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Royal Mail worker.
    I can understand anyone’s frustration with situations such as these but what no one seems to think of is that these employees have to adhere to certain guidelines, such as if they give out packages to people who cannot produce a relevant 739card, the ones that the postman doesn’t leave, and this item is found to have been purchased fraudulently then that worker can be charged with adding and abetting a fraud.
    So we want you to have your packages we just don’t want to be blamed if they are given out to the wrong people.
    You would be surprised at how many customers have their items stolen by their neighbours and how many companies get in touch with us to ask us to intercept an item because they have not had payment.

    Thank you..

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