Things that even £154m wouldn’t fix

This cough that’s kept me up two nights in a row

My bad back that is going into spasm each time I cough

That weird smell coming from the kitchen sink (I suppose you could always move house instead of dealing with domestic chores: “Darling, the bulb’s gone in the bathroom.” “I’ll start packing.”)

The cat would still be dead

My inability to dance

My brain wanting to pronounce ‘specific’, ‘pacific’

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One response to “Things that even £154m wouldn’t fix

  1. Nick July 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    “My brain wanting to pronounce ‘specific’, ‘pacific’”

    I have managed to teach myself this one now. But my speed of speech slows right down for it and the ‘s’ is exaggerated.

    I am now working on “Due” and “Jew”

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