This is how we roll in South East London

Via @fawndoster, guess the sentence in this police report by which I knew I was going to blog it:


Arrest after dangerous dog attack

On Wednesday 9 February Lambeth Borough Police Officers from Knights Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) arrested  a 42 year-old male from St Julian Farm Road, West Norwood, SE27 0RJ for possession of a fighting dog.

Last year a pit bull dog in the male’s possession attacked another dog at about 9:00am on 13 October 2010 in Wolfington Road, West Norwood SE27.  Lambeth Borough police were called by members of the public. On arrival they saw the suspect and the dog running into St Julian’s Farm Road.  He was stopped and his details taken.  However at the time the attacked dog’s owner could not be traced.

Later that evening, the witnesses, the dog’s owner and a passing magician contacted police about the incident.  After taking statements from both witnesses it became apparent that the pit bull was not on a lead as it ran across the street. The animal clamped its jaws around the other dog’s neck and refused to let go.  The other witness, the magician, had to improvise and use his stilts to lever the pit bull’s jaw open.

I’m never moving back to North London.


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