My southernification continues apace

I am still not dead. However, I am still massively busy. But not too busy to mention an exchange that passed between me and my Mum when I was visiting them a couple of weeks ago (by the way – they’ve been adopted by the most adorable ginger and white kitten).

Mum: …and we’ll have tortilla and a salad for dinner.
Me: Eh? I thought we were having those meatballs.
Mum: [looking at me like I’m an idiot] No, that’s for tea.
Me: [clasping both hands over my mouth as I realise what I’ve done] Ohhhhhhh…

(Incidentally, just writing that up I automatically substituted the word ‘lunch’ for ‘dinner’, even though that is the point of the post. This apparent rewiring of my neural network gives me the expectation / hope that one day my vowels may settle down into some kind of consistent pattern.)


One response to “My southernification continues apace

  1. Clare November 2, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    I got into the lunch dinner thing pretty easily, but my accent is a dead giveaway!

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