London Bridge: Destroyer of Souls

I wish, I wish, there wasn’t such a big gap between the penultimate train out of London to Hither Green (00.13 from London Bridge) and the last train (00.56). Obviously, it’s brilliant living on a route with the very last train out of London, but when you miss that penultimate train by just a couple of minutes… London Bridge in the wee sma’s is not a heartening place to be.

Witness, for example, my tweets from last night. This morning, rather.

Tedious London Bridge is tedious. *waits for last train* *bored*

Why does London Bridge not sell late night chips? RT@mrchrisaddison: Waiting for me as I came offstage in Folkestone.

Late night London Bridge game: Baguette Roulette. 8 people queuing for the last 12 Upper Crust sandwiches. Even Burger King is closed. *sob*

RT of @DickLeFenwick (Jamie Parker): Just realised why twitter was invented. Coz the couple on the train just across the aisle are actually having hand sex right now. Squelch…

Nothing remotely like the previous tweet happening at London Bridge. WHY the 50 min gap between penultimate and last trains *breaks down*

Now on platform at London Bridge. Cold as well as bored.

The train, the train! *weeps with joy*

This I want to see MT @darryl1974:@bagelmouse I once saw a comedian do a routine about that very-last train.

Although, this was not as bad as the time I missed the penultimate train by a couple of minutes and had neither book nor smartphone with me. Ended up texting into Twitter about pigeons.


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