The shopping fairy

When my parents moved to Spain, each December they started emailing me lists. Lists of things they would like for Christmas themselves. Lists of things they would like me to buy for them to give to each other. Lists of things it would be really handy if I could just pick up and bring out with me. This has a number of consequences:

  • Half of Amazon gets delivered to my flat approximately two weeks before I fly out. There are so many items I invariably don’t realise I’ve forgotten to order one or two things until delivery dates start to get a bit squeaky. (Do hurry up, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I.)
  • There’s always something I discover isn’t stocked any more at the place I got it last year. For example, this morning I realised Hither Green Co-op has stopped doing Kenco refill pouches. If Lewisham Sainsbury’s also don’t do them I am going to lose my shit. (This overreaction may be explained by the fact I have already endured a number of supermarkets this week picking up various other items.)
  • My parents have developed an uncanny homage to Columbo, with ‘just one more thing’ cropping up right before I fly out. This year it is Herbal Essences combined shampoo and conditioner. Sorry, Mum, but if it’s not sold in the Boots after security at Gatwick North (or Sainsbury’s) it’s not happening.
  • I am probably going to give myself another slipped disc carting the heavy stuff around in my backpack, rather than risk being stung for extra baggage weight at check-in.

Add to this the terrifying prospect of one lost bag and, much like Margot, Christmas getting cancelled, and I will be a happy bunny come Wednesday afternoon. Even dealing with a hyperactive ginger kitten.


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