Hither Green community notice

There were tweets last night. There are often tweets at night, of varying degrees of sobriety, but since these particular tweets were about a potential crime I figured I should write up the whole thing in case anyone else has had something similar happen / has something similar happen.

Twice, in the last week, my doorbell has gone late at night. I have bad-temperedly stumped to the front door, but through the glass panels I could see nobody standing outside. So I called out, in my best imperious voice, “hello? Can I help you?”.

At this point, a white guy in his mid twenties, middling height with (and this only definitely applies to the incident last night, didn’t pay too much attention the first time) short brown hair brushed forward, has appeared and said “sorry, I’ve got the wrong flat love” and cleared off.

Maybe he has got the wrong flat. Maybe they are two different men confusing my flat for someone else’s in the same week. Maybe a dealer who’s bad at giving directions has just moved into my street. Or maybe this guy is checking whether I’m home before he burgles the place, or hoping I’ll open the door (which I never, ever do unless I know who’s outside) for easier robbery access or – and this horrific story of what happened to Rachel North London is the basic reason why I never, ever open my front door unless I know who it is – rape.

I can’t remember precisely when this happened the first time, but last night it was only a few minutes after I’d got home. On neither occasion have they/he tried my upstairs neighbour. Am I being targeted? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I’d love to know. I live on the Hither Green Lane side of Hither Green, in the Co-op area.

Anyway, I reported it to the police; there was a 20 minute delay while I tried to get through to the Lewisham Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team (not exactly an emergency, is it?) and didn’t recognise the beeping on my mobile as a number currently out of service (nice work, SNT). The police did a sweep of the area a number of times and called back to fill me in. They saw nobody fitting the description. If this has happened to you, or it happens to you, please report it. I can give you my reference number so it’s easier for the police to tie the cases together. And for god’s sake, don’t open your door at night.

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2 responses to “Hither Green community notice

  1. Daisy January 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Hello. The Lewisham Community Police Consultative Group are holding a public meeting to talk about rape: reporting and investigation – with speakers from the specialist police team, other support organisations, and teams working with young women vulnerable to sexual victimisation. Anyone is welcome to attend – please come find out more, and help us dispel some myths and raise awareness
    More info on

  2. creepylesbo January 29, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    I would say that was a 101 call – which goes through to the response teams rather than the neighbourhood teams (who may be off work at the time you call). Police have been receiving quite a few calls where someone rings the doorbell. Sometimes this is a pre-cursor for burglary and if you don’t answer the door they beak in. Sometimes this is someone who is going to barge forwards when you open the door and burgle/assault the resident. I would agree – look out of a closed window before answering the door and demand to see ID. Even then I’d be careful before answering the door to anyone – at ANY time of day.

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